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Well known throughout the Iberian Peninsula, this is a variety that adapts to any type of soil and climate and as such its cultivation has steadily increased. Its production is controlled and concentrated.

This wonderful casta yields wines with a high level of alcohol but low acidity that resist oxidisation and age well. .

Tinta Barroca

A very agreeable casta with a high yield of grape and quality, and resistant to disease and blight.

This casta produces wines with a substantial level of alcohol. It is often used in the production of Port..

Touriga Franca

A resilient variety of regular yield, Touriga Franca is one of the most grown castas in Portugal.

This casta gives wines of a deep colour and fruity aromas..

Touriga Nacional

This is one of the most noble and coveted castas in Portugal.

It is used extensively in the production of Port wine.

It has a low yield but its grapes have a high concentration of sugar, colour and aroma. Wines produced with this casta are extremely balanced and age very well.

Antão Vaz

Is one of the most important castas in the Alentejo region.

Of exceptional quality, this variety produces remarkably fruity wines with a citrus colour.


Is considered a particularly versatile variety. It is a compact and flavourful casta.

Used in the production of sparkling wine it has high acidity, a citrus colour and is intensely fruity when young.

Fernão Pires

Is a variety traditionally grown in this area. It has an early yield, which makes it one of the first castas to be harvested.

It has medium-low acidity and produces a high alcohol content coupled with an extremely floral aroma..