Bag-in-Box Salinas WHITE WINE 5L


José António Fonseca


Fernão Pires; Arinto e Antão Vaz.


Open spout (com defecação de mosto)
made by flotation and fermentation at
temperature of 59ºF in selected yeasts.

Sensory Analisys

Citrus color with clean aspect (bright). Intense
fruity aroma with apricot and tropical fruit
notes (passion fruit and mango). Flavor
equivalent to aroma with good structure. Alive
and fresh with a long ending but very smooth.
Should be served at a temperature of 46,4/50ºF.

Phisical Chemistry Analysis

Alcoholic strength 13,0% ABV
Volatile acidity 0,24 g/l (acetic acid)
Total acidity 5,58 g/l (tartaric acid)
pH 3,47
Free sulfur dioxide 32 mg/l
Total sulfur dioxide 112 mg/l
Total solids 21,3 g/l


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